Saturday, October 13, 2012

new project

i am excited to share a new project i made using washi tapes and baker's twine from Hey Kessy and magnolia stamps from It's All On Paper by: Susan Lee

thank you for the free stuff  =)

here it is.....

products used here are:
 washi tape (wrapped around the sticks)  crisscross light pink and grey, yellow and olive flowers, yellow with red dots, rough red with white dots, diamonds, shore olive and bubbles. for the roof i used cloudy hearts, for the banner is fabric tape also from hey kessy.

for the carriage i used butterflies and script washi tapes. also i used newpaper washi tape to cover the spools. baker's twine used here are also from hey kessy.
magnolia stamps are from IAOP.

for the flowers i used artist edition- wide and peached flowers. 

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